Make a Mini Garden

Make a Mini Garden

For this you will need a few simple things..

A container ( any will do from an old bucket, large foil container, to a large flowerpot.)

Soil or compost

A Trowel


Firstly choose your container. Then line the bottom with small stones from the garden or gravel, for good drainage.

Then fill your container up with soil or compost.

You are now ready to plant up a few small plants in the container. Herbs are good such as chives or mint, as they can also give the extra fun of
being able to eat and their wonderful aroma.

Then look around your garden for anything to make the garden really interesting and fun.  For example our children have a dinosaur garden planted in two old tyres.  We have planted in the garden chives, and small ferns and grasses.  The children chose some lovely shaped stones too and now their small toy dinosaurs have a prehistoric playground in the garden.